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Circular Design, Glass Making,

Sand Casting, Industrial Design




04.09.19 – 25.10.19

About The Project

This project aims at minimising unnecessary plastic waste and improving the experience of using weekly and monthly disposable contact lenses.


The brief of this project was to identify an activity or area of interest with clearly linear character and develop a product that would be useful in supporting a new, cyclic system. The product had to be made out of glass.

Sand casting

The casting process starts by filling the frames with a special sand mixture. To get the mould as detailed as possible, a sift is used to distribute the sand evenly over the positive. When the positive is completely covered and the sand is tightly packed, the rest of the mould can be filled by hand. The glass is then poured into the mould, cut and placed in an oven to very slowly cool down.

Cyclic thinking

Using weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses means having a cheap, plastic case for storing the lenses in while they’re not being used. These plastic containers are usually thrown away and replaced every 2 to 4 weeks, creating huge amounts of unnecessary waste.

A more sustainable case for the contact lenses will give both the users, manufacturers and resellers the possibility to decrease their negative impact on the environment while also offering a better user experience, which does not exist on today’s market.

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