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Industrial Design, Design Research, Colour, Material and Finish, Conceptual Design


Bachelor Thesis


10.03.18 – 11.05.18

About The Project

How can new energy solutions become a natural part of our lives? That's the question that started my Industrial Design bachelor thesis. 


Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) is an organic solar cell with massively different physical attributes compared to the most common, silicon based solar cells, most often seen on rooftops. I wanted to explore how this type of photovoltaic could be used in an everyday environment.


The creative phase started with several brainstorming sessions, followed by sorting and evaluating the ideas. Sketching and prototyping took place throughout the creative process, as well as small scale prototyping, both physical and digital.

All bachelor thesis projects from both the industrial design and graphic design programme were displayed during an exhibition at the cultural centre in Sundsvall.

The planters

With built-in sensors powered by the organic photovoltaics, these planters can provide a lot of useful information such as: temperature, amount of sunlight, moisture level and fertiliser level, to help people with their indoor gardening.

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