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Industrial Design, NASA, Healthcare, Packaging Design, Space Exploration


Polyethylene (RFX1), Silicone rubber,

Aluminium, Velcro


01.09.20 – 15.12.20

About The Project

The Assurance Pharmaceutical Kit is a personal storage solution for medication during space missions. Pharmaceuticals are vital for keeping astronauts healthy throughout a mission, but present their own set of challenges.


Studies have shown some pharmaceuticals significantly degrade in space due to radiation exposure. The aim of Assurance Kit is to be as compact and customizable as possible while protecting its content against space radiation.

This is a collaborative project between the industrial design master program at Lund University and NASA.

Health in space

All crew members being sent to space are meticulously monitored. Health aspects of every astronaut is well known and analyzed by the healthcare team in charge of each mission. The information gathered can then be used to accurately predict the amount of medicine each crew member will most likely need during a mission.

This lead me to develop a personal storage solution rather than a central one, to streamline the amount of medication brought into space and offer more control for the astronauts themselves.

The kit

The outer case of Assurance Kit is designed for simplicity and versatility. It consists of three main parts: a top half, a bottom half and a silicone rubber part. The two halves of the case are made from a highly protective and radiation resistant polyethylene plastic called RFX1. The single moulded silicone rubber part functions as both the hinge of the case, a handle, and a locking mechanism for closing the case when its not being used.

Velcro strips are used to easily secure the pill containers in the desired, personal configuration. The pill containers come in different sizes depending on how much of the specific medication is needed. The different types and sizes of the containers are made according to the same measurement system so that they are easily interchangeable.

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